Navarro: Trump will soon sign an Executive order on medical supplies

The decree will oblige Federal agencies to purchase American-made medical products.

US President Donald Trump plans to issue an Executive order aimed at fighting the shortage of medical products in the US amid the coronavirus epidemic, the White House said on Monday.
As presidential adviser Peter Navarro told Fox News, the decree will oblige Federal agencies to purchase American-made medical products, as the situation with the coronavirus has revealed a dependence on Chinese manufacturers.

Navarro did not specify any additional details, including the timing of the decree. Other measures, including deregulation, will also be needed to make it easier for pharmaceutical companies to operate in the US, he said.

The initiative has met with high resistance from some former and current officials, who fear that due to reduced imports, China will restrict the supply of urgently needed N95 masks and other protective equipment. According to official sources, the decree is undergoing some adjustments and is currently undergoing an interagency analysis.

According to Navarro, there is also a risk to the country’s electricity infrastructure due to components. Trump wants to protect American power grids from cyber-attacks and other attacks, which could lead to restrictions on imports of some goods from China and Russia.

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