Navalny spoke about the progress of his recovery

Alexey Navalny posted a post on Instagram in which he told how his recovery is going in the Berlin clinic “Charite.”

According to him, the difficulties with the phone, which is useless in his hands, or with pouring water, are sheer nonsense.

Navalny explained that recently he did not recognize people and did not understand how to speak. According to him, every morning, a doctor came to him with a blackboard and asked him to write a word.

“It made me desperate because even though I already understood in general what the doctor wanted, I didn’t know where to get the words. Where do they occur in the head? Where to find a word and how to make it mean something? ” – said the blogger, stressing that it was not clear to him.

He didn’t know how to express his despair, so he just kept quiet. This, according to the blogger, is a late-stage that he can remember.

Now his legs are shaking as he walks up the stairs, but doctors can turn him from a “technically alive person” to a person who “knows how to flip through Instagram quickly” and understands where to put likes.

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