Navalny said that Putin was behind his poisoning

The opposition leader said that he intends to return to Russia.

Kremlin critic Alexey Navalny told a German magazine that Russian President Vladimir Putin was behind his alleged poisoning, but stressed that he had no fear.

Navalny was flown from Russia to Berlin in August after becoming ill on a domestic flight. He was treated at the Charite clinic and released in September. Germany said he was poisoned with a potentially deadly nerve agent.

“I claim that Putin is behind this crime, and I have no other versions of what happened,” Navalny told Spiegel magazine, according to an excerpt from an interview to be published later on Thursday.

The West demanded an explanation from the Kremlin, which denies involvement in the incident and said it has not yet seen evidence of a crime.

“You don’t feel pain, but you realize that you are dying,” Navalny described the beginning of the toxic substance.

Navalny told the magazine that he would return to Russia, adding: “My task now is to remain fearless. And I’m not afraid.”

A political activist who helped bring Navalny to Germany said on September 24 that the Russian opposition leader would need at least a month to regain his fitness.

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