NATO ships entered the Black sea

NATO ships entered the Black Sea, according to the Russian national defense control center.

The Alliance’s minesweeping group includes the floating supply base “Aliakmon” of the Greek Navy (flagship), the minesweeper “Tambre” of Spain, and “Gaeta” of the Italian Navy. The Black Sea fleet monitors the actions of these vessels.

This is not the first time that ships from other countries have appeared in the Black sea. So, at the end of June, the US Navy destroyer “porter” entered the water area. It was controlled by the forces of the southern military district.

Also, a week ago, the black sea fleet’s marine aviation fighters flew out to intercept an American reconnaissance aircraft. The air defense forces on duty detected it at a considerable distance from the border and continuously monitored it using radar controls. To intercept the airlifted multi-purpose Su-27 fighters.

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