National Interest lists Russia-related threats to the United States

The American edition of the National Interest called on the US leadership to reconsider its foreign policy towards Russia and China, since the continuation of the current course, according to the authors of the publication, can lead to sad consequences.

The publication points out that the US policy in the Russian direction hides three threats:

– the possibility of a direct clash between Moscow and Washington in regions where they meet face to face, for example, in Syria;

– an increase in the number of Russians who allegedly believe that aggravation is the only way to develop relations with the United States;

– the possibility of an alliance between Russia and China.

The article notes that the probability of a nuclear confrontation is growing globally, as long as Washington seeks to maintain its hegemony, underestimating the consequences of foreign policy decisions.

As the publication notes, the United States relies on “unreliable allies,” particularly — NATO, in the confrontation with “unnecessary opponents” — Russia and China.

The article points out that the Kremlin acted cautiously until the North Atlantic Alliance’s expansion did not affect the former Soviet republics.

“Moreover, to make possible the expansion of NATO, Latvia and Estonia have granted their residents of Russian origin civil rights,” the publication notes.

The article also says that both Russia and China would prefer normal relations with the United States to an anti-American Union.

“It is necessary to recognize that international relations are rarely black and white. Alliances should be a means of US policy, not an end. And whether we like it or not, history always repeats itself. Those who oppose the adoption of this, I risk being on the wrong side of it,” the publication concludes.

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