Natalie Portman showed imperfections in her body while jogging

Paparazzi caught 40-year-old actress Natalie Portman while jogging, and then published her “honest” photo on the Web.

It’s no secret that the star carefully looks after herself in order to look great in the frame. Portman goes out to run on a regular basis. It was during one of these sessions that Portman was noticed by cunning journalists.

In the pictures published by the press, Natalie appeared as she is – without makeup, hairstyles from stylists, and an expensive outfit. Portman was dressed in tight leggings and a loose T-shirt designed to hide the imperfections of the figure from prying eyes.

Overall, Portman looked good, apart from the red face, disheveled hair, and rounded hips. Throughout the run, Natalie kept looking around, as if hiding from someone. She did not linger on the street and hurried to quickly hide at home.

On the web, not everyone liked Portman’s look.

“She’s an actress, she should always look good,” “For her 40s, she is beautiful,” “Portman is an icon, and you better shut up,” argued netizens.

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6 thoughts on “Natalie Portman showed imperfections in her body while jogging”

  1. It’s no secret that the star carefully monitors himself in order to look great in the frame.

    Here it should say “herself” not “himself” right?
    Very short article that focuses on what is not important today

  2. We all have our flaws. Why should celebs be different? They are people just like everyone else. To sit there and write this crap and judge anyone on their looks is down right disgusting. And what’s worse is they can’t even be in public long enough to enjoy what it is they are doing without someone stalking them and ruining their day.

  3. This is stupid. Why even publish this, seriously? No, I didn’t read it, I saw the headline and that alone is NOT news!! Leave her alone!! She is amazing at everything she does and she is only 40!! I wish I accomplished 1/3 of what she has and I’m 39 so that is NOT happening. #natalieportmanrocks

  4. So shallow to even write this piece. Garbage. Unless a women looks like Barbie you have to chastise her. You people are a joke. Sickos. No wonder women have issues with their bodies.

  5. This is what’s wrong with media/society… judgements!
    Who needs perfect hair and face with makeup all the time.
    This is not good role modeling by media judging someone for being normal. Such judgement obscures minds of young women/girls.


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