Natalie Portman and Drew Barrymore discussed the bullying they experienced at school

It turned out that American actresses went through the same difficult periods associated with their screen popularity during their school years. In one of the last episodes of the Drew Barrymore show on Global, she had a conversation with her colleague Natalie Portman.

“I read that it was hard for you in school because you were in a movie and then you went back to school and just spent awkward time with other kids … I really didn’t know that about other actors: it was my personal experience. , I had something to do with it.”

In response to the presenter’s confession, Natalie Portman replied that in her statement about school bullying, she meant the following:

“I think people are bullied for a variety of reasons, and that’s a good reason to be bullied because you do what you love.”

Barrymore also drew an analogy that in her childhood classmates were similarly pressured, saying, “Do you think you’re so special?” At the same time, with all their actions out of envy, they proved the opposite – the young actress felt “especially unhappy.””

Portman continued, “I know this is so sad, and it also looks like young people should be able to be proud of their accomplishments, but in fact, I kept my head down and considered my life, not the best.”

Still, the girls decided to end their frank conversation on a positive note when Natalie shared that she was “the biggest nerd in school” and signed up for classes in all the “stupid groups” at once, which made Drew Barrymore laugh.

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