NASA’s Psyche Mission Launches With Falcon Heavy

NASA’s mission to the Psyche asteroid will be launched using SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy. Its cost will be approximately 117 million dollars.

SpaceX won the contract to ship the ship to the Psyche asteroid, they will use the Falcon Heavy rocket. NASA approved the research plans for the Psyche back in 2017.

Scientists want to visit a unique metal asteroid, because they believe that the celestial body may be the exposed nickel-iron core of the early planet, which collapsed as a result of a strong collision. The results of the mission can provide more information about the formation of the solar system and provide an opportunity to look at the “history of collisions that led to the appearance of celestial bodies.”

According to NASA, the launch of the spacecraft will cost approximately $ 117 million. If everything goes according to plan, the spacecraft will begin flying in July 2022 from the launch complex at Cape Carnival in Florida.

Previously, scientists from NASA received data on the seismic activity of Mars. Now they were able to conclude that earthquakes on the planet happen more often, but their magnitude is less than on Earth.

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