NASA updated the legendary Earth shot taken by Voyager-1 in 1990

NASA updated the legendary Earth shot taken by Voyager-1 in 1990. The photo, called Pale Blue Dot, is one of the most famous images of the Earth.

The Pale Blue Dot image was taken by the Voyager-1 mission from a distance of 5.9 billion km from Earth. The photo was taken as part of a mission led by the scientist Karl Sagan, at the same time the probe sent photographs of other planets.

Updated Earth Photography

NASA has decided to restore photography in honor of its 30th anniversary. The original photograph consisted of three photographs taken by a probe using three color filters. The new photo has rebalanced filters, thanks to which the image became sharper, and the sun’s beam surrounding the Earth began to look white – just like the sunlight looks to us.

Photo of Earth, Saturn in the foreground. The picture was taken by the Cassini mission in 2013

Voyager-1 is an automatic interplanetary station exploring the solar system since September 5, 1977. The main mission of the space program was to study Jupiter and Saturn. Voyager-1 was the first spacecraft to take detailed satellite images of these planets. Upon completion of the main mission, he embarked on an additional mission to study the remote regions of the solar system, including the Kuiper belt and the heliosphere boundary. Voyager-1 is the fastest spacecraft leaving the Solar System, as well as the most distant object from man made from Earth.

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