NASA told about the landing on the moon in 2024

NASA told the details of the Artemis program – the landing of people on the moon in 2024. The agency has published the first detailed plan of what astronauts’ presence on Earth’s satellite might look like.

The new plan is described in a 13-page report presented to the US National Space Council. Most of the talk is about the infrastructure that will help astronauts stay on the moon for a long time. The text refers to the power supply system, a mobile residential module, the main residential module and an all-terrain vehicle.

“After 20 years of continuous work in low Earth orbit, we are ready for the next big task of space exploration – the development of a presence on the moon and around it”, said NASA Director Jim Bridenstine in a statement published with the report. “For many years, Artemis will be our first step, where we will demonstrate the key elements necessary for the first manned flight to Mars”.

The main part of the report is devoted to the base camp of “Artemis” – a mobile platform that is designed for long-term exploration of the moon. Initially, it will be located in Shackleton Crater at the south pole of the moon. It will increase the stay of four astronauts on the Earth’s satellite up to 45 days.

Artemis project NASA

The Gateway near-moon station will serve as a base for those who are not busy studying the lunar surface. Astronauts can be there for several months. Researchers are confident that this bunch will allow them to complete the longest missions in the history of space exploration.

In addition, astronauts will use a robotic manned rover with an open cockpit – it is needed for fast movements on the surface of the moon.

Author: Flyn Braun
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