NASA spoke about negotiations with Russia about flights to the ISS

The United States and Russia have not yet reached an agreement on future rotational flights to the International space station on their own ships, but they are interested in this; negotiations are continuing, NASA head Jim Bridenstine said at a press conference.

“There is no solution yet, but both countries are working on it,” the head of NASA said.

According to him, both the United States and Russia are interested in flying to the ISS on each other’s ships.

“We are moving into a new era where instead of buying seats, we will exchange crews,” Bridenstine said.

On Saturday, a private crewed ship, Crew Dragon, will launch from the Cape Canaveral Spaceport to the ISS. It is supposed to deliver a crew of four people to orbit: three Americans and one Japanese astronaut. This will be the first working manned launch for the US since 2011 when the Space Shuttle program was completed. For nine years, American astronauts were delivered to the ISS by Russian Soyuz spacecraft for a fee.

Author: John Kessler
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