NASA sent photos of rovers that studied the planet to Mars

NASA said they sent a “family portrait” to Mars with all previous rovers. The picture was attached to the body of the device, it can be seen on the video from the Red Planet.

Researchers from NASA, with the help of the Perseverance rover, sent to the planet photographs of the Mars rovers that had previously landed on the surface of the Red Planet. The devices are lined up in the order in which they landed on the Red Planet: the Sojourner rover (1997), the two Mars Exploration Rovers Spirit and Opportunity (2004), the Curiosity rover (2012) and “Perseverance”.

A photograph of the plaque was posted by Perseverance Lead Engineer Mugega Cooper, Project Lead Engineer. It was attached to the device at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, where the rover was built.

At the same time, the predecessor of the new rover, Curiosity, is still working on Mars. Initially, his mission was planned for two years, but then it was extended indefinitely. The previous Opportunity spacecraft lasted 15 years on the surface, but in 2018 it was caught in a violent storm.

NASA spacecraft Perseverance landed on the surface of Mars on February 19. The researchers have already received the first images from the Red Planet. They explained that the research robot, which is worth $ 2.7 billion, has a complex set of scientific tools. They will allow us to study the soil, the soil of the planet and the possibilities of life on Mars.

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