NASA published a photo of the Earth from the moon, which was taken in 1968

Researchers from NASA have published a photograph of the moon, which was taken by the crew of the Apollo 8, it happened on December 27, 1968. The astronauts returned to Earth after nearly a week in space.

The photo was taken by the crew of Frank Borman, James Lovell, and William Anders. NASA notes that this was the first human-crewed flight into space, which was launched from the Kennedy Cosmodrome in Florida, the first to reach the moon, and the first to enter orbit a natural satellite.

NASA added that the author of the photo is William Anders. The researchers decided to publish the image ahead of the 52nd anniversary of the shooting. The astronaut described this moment in his interview: “Apollo 8” has already completed several orbits around the Moon. He saw the Earth during the first rotations back.

But then they managed to flip Apollo 8, and their view of the Earth improved – at that time, no one in the history of humanity had seen our planet from such a distance.

“I said ‘my god, look at this!’ We did not discuss this, but there was no task to remove the Earth in the briefing and flight plan. But the other guys explained that we definitely need to take a photo and gave me a camera. I had the only color camera with a telephoto lens, and I took a picture, ”the astronaut recalled.

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