NASA launched the Perseverance rover

The US Space Administration has launched the Atlas V launch vehicle with the Perseverance rover. It’s landing on the Red Planet is scheduled for February 2021.

Today, July 30, as part of the Mars-2020 mission, NASA made the long-awaited launch of Atlas V with the new Perseverance rover. The research complex includes an Ingenuity helicopter, which can be used for reconnaissance targets and plotting the route of the rover.

The rover weighs more than 1000 kilograms: it was built on the basis of NASA’s previous rover, Curiosity. Among the main objectives of the mission is to find evidence of the existence of life on Mars in the past. The collected samples of the Martian soil will help to answer many questions of interest to the scientific world.

Perseverance’s arrival on Mars is scheduled for February 18 next year. The spacecraft will land in the impact crater Jezero with a diameter of about 49 kilometers. According to researchers, it was previously filled with water.

Next year we are expected to launch another important space mission – the orbiting infrared observatory James Webb Space Telescope. According to the latest data, the launch should take place in October 2021.