NASA introduced the principles of moon exploration

NASA introduced new principles for the exploration of the moon. The US wants a few more partner countries to join. This was announced by the director of the department Jim Bridenstine on Twitter.

NASA announced the creation of the “Treaties of Artemis” – a new set of standards for the study of the moon. The Agency hopes that other countries will also offer their own conditions, which will determine how humanity will work on the Earth’s satellite. Including the United States plans to determine how to extract resources from the lunar surface and how to protect “heritage sites”.

The new agreements got their name in honor of the American lunar program “Artemis.” These are bilateral treaties between the United States and other countries. They took as a basis the 1967 space treaties. Their goal will be “creating a safe and transparent environment that will facilitate research, scientific and commercial activities on the moon for all of humanity.”

“When we get to the moon again, it’s important to have a basic research base that everyone agrees with,” said Bridenstine. “And if you agree with these principles, of course, we would be happy if you take part in the Artemis program.” NASA developed the rules in conjunction with the Department of State and the National Space Council.

Among the basic principles of the agreement is the provision on the extraction of resources on the moon and the idea of ​​creating security zones where there should be no “harmful interference”. In addition, the agreements will require participants to “all activities be conducted for peaceful purposes.” Countries will have to “openly and transparently report on their policies and plans.” Participants will pledge “to publish their scientific data so that the whole world can benefit from research and discovery”.

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