NASA has installed a sampler on Perseverance. The rover is now fully equipped

NASA installed a sampler on Perseverance – the rover is now fully equipped to launch on Mars in the summer of 2021. This is stated in a message from the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

The Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover mission is due to be launched in July 2020. It is assumed that the lander with rovers will land on the planet in February 2021. It will include two rovers, the likely landing site of which will be the Sirte Plateau and the Jesero Crater, located 28 km from each other.

Research vehicles will have to take soil samples in the vicinity of the landing sites to determine if microbes have living conditions on Mars.

Among the devices on board the rover are 23 cameras, two microphones that allow it to listen to Martian winds, and lasers that will be used for chemical analysis of the soil.

Now the engineers installed the last scientific tool on the device – a sampler, which will allow the rover to take samples of Martian soil for analysis.

The device consists of two parts – a carousel bit and an adaptive caching system. The first is a set of nine drills that will allow the tool to make soil fences below the surface of the planet. The second part is a mixture of storage and analyzer, in which the evaluation and determination of the chemical composition of the samples will be carried out.

Author: Flyn Braun
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