NASA has found a “portal to another dimension” in space

NASA has published a photo taken by the Hubble telescope, which shows a spiral galaxy, similar, as noted in the Space Agency, on the “portal to another dimension.”

“In this image taken by the Hubble space telescope, the galaxy NGC 4380 looks like a special effect from science fiction or fantasy film, it is twisted into a spiral like a gaping portal to another dimension,” NASA said in a statement.

At the same time, it is noted that such spiral galaxies like NGC 4380 are quite common in space.

“Often in such galaxies, colossal clusters of stars number in the hundreds of billions, they are shaped like a flat disk, sometimes with a rounded protrusion in the center,” explains NASA.

In early October, former NASA scientist Gilbert Levin published an article in the journal Scientific American, in which he says that humanity may have found life on Mars 40 years ago.

Levin was the head of NASA’s space operation Viking in 1976 when two ships were launched to Mars. He claims that the positive results of one of the experiments are proof of life on the red planet.

The experiment was designed to test Martian soil for organic matter. In the soil samples of Mars placed nutrients – in the presence of a living organism would eat food and leave gaseous traces of metabolism, which would then show special devices.

To make sure it was a biological reaction, the test was repeated after tilling soil that was deadly to known life forms. Levin says that after none of the ships on Mars had instruments to detect life that could confirm these results.