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NASA finds water on the sun’s side of the Moon

Previously it was believed that it could be found only in shaded areas of the lunar surface.

The US Agency NASA has confirmed the detection of water in sunlit areas of the Moon, indicating that water may be much more widespread on the Earth’s satellite than previously thought.

NASA said its Stratospheric Observatory confirmed the discovery for infrared astronomy, a laboratory installed on Board a special Boeing 747 aircraft.

Previously, it was believed that water molecules could only be found in cold, shaded areas of the lunar surface.

The results of the study were also published in the latest issue of the journal Nature Astronomy.

NASA said a flying laboratory had detected water molecules in Clavius crater – one of the largest lunar craters visible from Earth.

The data obtained allow us to estimate the volume of detected water – about 350 milliliters of liquid per cubic meter of soil on the lunar surface.

By comparison, the volume of water in the Sahara desert is 100 times the volume found on the moon, NASA notes.

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