NASA began testing the smallest robot on the lunar program Artemis

Astrobotic revealed that they have completed work on the CubeRover device – it is heading to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. If the CubeRover passes all the tests, it will be used to explore the lunar surface.

The CubeRover was developed in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University and Astrobotic has stated that it is the lightest commercial planetary rover humans have ever built. It only weighs about four kilograms.

As part of the upcoming tests, which will last for several months, YFCF engineers will find out what types of surfaces, slopes and climbs the compact wheeled robot is ready for. In addition, its roll-over protection system will be tested. The rover will be endowed with the ability to bounce so that it has the ability to get back on wheels if it gets into a difficult situation while already on the surface of the moon.

NASA’s team at Kennedy’s Granular Mechanics and Regolith Laboratory (GMRO) will now spend months experimenting. After them, the team will decide whether to use the device during the Artemis program and what role the rover can play. At the same time, the CubeRover can be used in several space flights.

NASA has also selected Astrobotic as its commercial partner for its upcoming mission to the moon, which will search for the location and concentration of ice on the lunar surface. This will help inform future crew members of potential landing sites.

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