NASA: asteroid Apophis will not threaten Earth in the next 100 years

NASA has removed the asteroid Apophis from the list of dangerous to Earth. The object has been listed there for 17 years.

Astronomers have followed Apophis since its discovery in 2004. According to preliminary estimates based on its preliminary orbit, it will come to our planet in 2029. The researchers also take into account the large diameter of the space object – 340 m.

After refining the initial observations, astronomers found that there was no real risk of a collision in 2029. Now, after Apophis safely passed the Earth in early 2021, there is more good news: the asteroid will not touch the Earth in 2068. This object is no longer considered as potentially dangerous to our planet.

The Earth collision risk table is a collection of asteroids that approach the planet so close that the risk of collision cannot be ruled out.

“Thanks to recent optical observations and additional radar observations, the uncertainty of Apophis’s orbit has dropped from hundreds of kilometers to several kilometers as predicted for 2029. This gave us significantly more information about its location in 2029, which allows us to determine its future direction of movement with greater accuracy, so that now we can remove Apophis from the list of risks, “- noted in NASA.

Based on the analysis data, the European Space Agency also removed the asteroid Apophis from the list of risks, where the cosmic body was listed for 17 years.

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