Nanoparticles can slow down the aging process of human cells

Scientists at the Italian Institute of Technology have found that ceramic nanoparticles, under certain conditions, can temporarily stop cell aging. They work better than antioxidants or vitamins.

The researchers explained that the aging process of cells is triggered by the loss of the natural balance of electrons in molecules. This is a permanent phenomenon that is part of our metabolism, but it also negatively affects the state of cells and causes pathologies such as heart failure, muscle atrophy, and Parkinson’s disease.

Scientists have found that astronauts in space suffer less from oxidative stress due to the additional radiation they receive. Therefore, researchers in Italy wanted to restore this process on Earth and found that nanoparticles have the same protective effect on human cells on our planet.

The researchers were able to compare the cells of the samples that were on the ISS and those that they treated with ceramic nanoparticles. Researcher Gianni Chiofani of the Italian Institute of Technology noted that the effect they observed means the nanoparticles work better and last longer than traditional antioxidants or vitamins.

“The experiment produced excellent samples for analysis using the latest RNA sequencing techniques. Space exploration is not like traditional laboratory work, since we have fewer samples, we cannot do the work on our own, and we have to work on time, ”they said. However, scientists believe that for further conclusions they need additional work.

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