Nancy Pelosi criticized Trump for firing the state Department’s Inspector General

The President dismissed Steve Linick from office, explaining his decision as a loss of confidence in the Inspector General.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi condemned another personnel decision by President Donald Trump, who fired Steve Linick, the State Department’s Inspector General, on Friday evening. Pelosi said that the President should “stop repressive tactics against government employees working to ensure the safety of Americans.”

According to Pelosi, Linick’s unexpected dismissal is evidence that the President is “practicing retribution against Patriotic public employees accused of exercising oversight on behalf of the American people.”

The speaker believes that Linick “was punished for honorably fulfilling his duties to protect the Constitution and our national security.”

Pelosi linked Linick’s firing to the house’s passage of the “heroes” bill, which “contains critical information about funding the state Department’s Inspector General to ensure that funds are spent effectively and wisely to respond to the coronavirus pandemic.”

This dismissal, according to the speaker, “will set back the important work of the office of the Inspector General in conducting important inspections, investigations, and inspections of embassies and programs implemented by the United States around the world during this crisis.”

“The President must stop his repressive tactics against government employees who work to ensure the safety of Americans, especially during a global emergency,” Pelosi said in a statement.

According to Reuters, Trump fired Steve Linick as the State Department’s Inspector General late on Friday. The President said this in a letter to Nancy Pelosi, speaking that he had lost confidence in the Inspector General, but without explaining the reasons for the loss of faith.

“In exercising my presidential powers, I release [Steve Linick] from the position of Inspector General of the State Department, starting today, ” the letter says.

Linick was appointed inspector General in 2013 under the Obama administration. The State Department said that Stephen Akard, Director of the office of foreign missions, will be selected as the new Inspector General.