Named the world’s best small city to live in

Portuguese Porto took first place in the rating Small Cities Index, which evaluates relatively small cities regarding the convenience of living in them.

For the year, Porto rose to first place from the ninth. This happened, first of all, thanks to the help of local authorities to entrepreneurs during the period of strict quarantine. For example, the rating authors noted how the City Hall and international design communities supported small firms and individual artisans who produce furniture and accessories.

Also, Porto is one of the most economically developed regions of the country. At the same time, there is a comfortable, measured life, and there is an opportunity to get to the ocean coast or visit neighboring Spain quickly.

In the second place of the rating, this year was the Belgian Leuven, and the Japanese city of Itoshima closes the top three. Among the European Union representatives, Italy’s Bolzano and Denmark’s Aalborg also entered the top ten.

The British magazine Monocle compiles the rating. It evaluates cities with a population of 250 thousand people from all over the world on five criteria: accessibility of the city (easy to get there, for example, tourists), management efficiency (as far as city hall listens to the people), the friendliness of the inhabitants to the new neighbors, “green” infrastructure (how many city parks, squares) and opportunities for business development.

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