Named the richest family clans in the United States

According to Forbes magazine, the heirs of the American retail giant Walmart, Waltons, became the richest family clan in the United States. In total, the publication included 50 families with a combined fortune of $1.2 trillion in the rating.

The combined wealth of Waltons, who own about half of Walmart’s stock, is estimated at $ 247 billion. According to Forbes, the three children of the founder of the corporation Sam Walton-Alice, Jim, and Rob-are are among the twenty richest businessmen in the world.

In the second place of the rating was the Koch family with a fortune of $ 100 billion. Its members own an 84 percent stake in Koch Industries, which is engaged in manufacturing, trading, investment, oil refining, chemical industry, artificial fibers, and plastics. In third place, the publication placed the Mars family, which is the eponymous food manufacturer’s owner. Among other things, the company produces chocolates and dragees Mars, Milky Way, Snickers, and M&M’s. Their combined wealth is estimated at $94 billion.

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