Named the best game of 2020. Defeating The Last of Us Part II

The Game Awards 2020 named the best game of 2020. It was The Last of Us Part II, released exclusively for the Sony PlayStation 4. The project received seven awards – a record

The publication reports The Last of Us Part II has won seven awards: Best Game, Best Directing, Best Game Narrative, Best Sound Design, Best Acting Performance (Laura Bailey as Abby), Best Action-Adventure, Best Innovation in Accessibility for Gamers with restrictions.

Previously, no game managed to get more than four awards. Disco Elysium (2019), Red Dead Redemption 2 (2018), and Overwatch (2016) achieved the maximum.

The plot of The Last of Us Part II revolves around one of the first part’s main characters – the girl Ellie. In the second part, she matured – at the time of the development of events, she was 19 years old. But Ellie never got rid of a feature unique to the game world – immunity from infection with spores, which turns people into zombies.

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