Mysterious packages from China began to arrive in Japan and the United States

Mysterious parcels from China with plant seeds arrive in Japan from anonymous senders, NHK TV reports, citing the office of the quarantine service in the city of Yokohama.

At the end of July, a resident of Kanagawa Prefecture reported that a parcel arrived at his address from China with his name on it, which he had nothing to do with. Similar packages have been received since the end of July by the Japanese and from other parts of Japan. They have one thing in common — they are all sent from abroad, they do not have a stamp of the quarantine service, and all contain seeds of some plants. It turned out that similar packages are received in Australia and the United States.

The Japanese quarantine service strongly asks not to plant them, as foreign plants can disrupt the natural balance, and there is also a risk of infection with viruses or insects introduced from outside, growing in Japan crops.

The packages, which have already arrived in 20 US States and have been counted in the hundreds since the end of June, contained bindweed and cabbage seeds.

The packages bear the designation of China post and the return addresses indicated are also Chinese, but the Chinese Foreign Ministry insists that the stamps of the mail are fake and denies any connection of its country with the mysterious parcels.

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