Mysterious balls four thousand years old have been discovered in Scotland

In a multi-chamber tomb located on the Orkney Islands in Scotland, a group of archaeologists discovered two mysterious polished balls, which are believed to be more than four thousand years old, the Daily Mail reports.

Rare artifacts were found on an island in Tresness Bay by scientists from the University of Lancashire and the National Museum of Scotland. Excavations in this area have been conducted since 2017, and experts are in a hurry because the tomb is being destroyed.

“This is an exciting find,” the team of archaeologists concluded.

Both balls have a diameter of about five centimeters — they are the size of a cricket ball. Experts noted that one of them has an ideal spherical shape and a beautiful finish.

It is not yet clear what the products were intended for. Experts have put forward theories that they could be used as weapons, objects necessary for rituals or divination, as well as a skin treatment and even moving building blocks.

In total, about 20 similar balls of the Neolithic era were found on the Orkney Islands, each of which scientists consider a “stunning find.”

In addition to the balls, the researchers came across the remains of people and animals, ceramics, and various stone artifacts, including knives, hammers, pot lids, and tips during the excavations. This year, archaeologists plan to continue studying the contents of the tomb’s chambers and try to determine the principle by which it was built.

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