Myanmar bans satellite dishes

The military junta that came to power in a coup in Myanmar has banned residents from using satellite dishes. Reuters report this with reference to the announcement of the Myanmar state television and radio company MRTV.

“Satellite TV is illegal. Anyone who violates the law on television and video, especially people using satellite dishes, will be punished with one year’s imprisonment and a fine of 500 thousand kyats ($320),” MRTV reported.

The Irrawaddy, an independent Myanmar newspaper, reported in April that the military had begun seizing satellite dishes from Myanmar residents. This was because some TV channels banned by the junta continued satellite broadcasting.

After the coup, protests against the military junta began in Myanmar. Against this background, the new authorities first closed access to Facebook — the most popular social network in the country, and then almost completely banned the Internet in the country.

More than 760 people, including more than 50 children, have been killed in Myanmar since the coup. More than 4,800 people were arrested, including 80 journalists. The UN predicted that due to the coup and the pandemic in 2022, about half of the population of the 54-million country might be below the poverty line.

Author: Steve Cowan
Graduated From Princeton University. He has been at the Free Press since October 2014. Previously worked as a regional entertainment editor.
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