‘Mulan’ remake to be released in the movies and on Disney+ on September 4

With over $ 200 million in production, Mulan was set to be one of Disney’s major releases this year. However, the premiere scheduled for March did not take place due to the coronavirus pandemic. And the studio had to decide how to show the film to the audience without losing its profit. Finally, a solution has been found. On September 4, the film will simultaneously become available as premium content to Disney + viewers and will be released in theaters in countries where Disney + is not available, including Russia. “Premium content” means viewers will have to pay nearly $ 30 to watch the movie, while the monthly subscription costs $ 7.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek says the Mulan decision should not be considered a new business model. While this is an experiment, the company will look at how successful this decision is before deciding whether to release any other films this way.

Author: Sam Smith
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