Most of the fires under the collapsed building in Florida were extinguished

WASHINGTON – The authorities are checking all the structures in the district, which were built about 40 years ago, to prevent new emergencies.

Specialists working at the site of the collapse of an apartment building in Florida were able to cope with fires under the rubble of the collapsed building, which caused heavy smoke, which complicated search and rescue operations. This was announced on Sunday by the mayor of Miami-Dade County, where the tragedy occurred, Daniella Levine Cava in an interview with CBS.

“Good news: we were able to cope with the fire and smoke at noon on Saturday. On Saturday afternoon and Sunday night, there was good visibility, the search continues,” the mayor said.

She was asked if the authorities intend to complete the search for survivors after four days have passed since the collapse of the building. “We have just been joined by an additional search and rescue team from Israel. Mexican experts are already working at the scene of the incident. Everyone who is needed is here and doing their job. We continue our efforts to find survivors,” Cava stressed.

She noted that the authorities have started checking all the buildings in the district, which were erected about 40 years ago, to prevent their possible collapse.

A member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US Senate, Marco Rubio (Republican from Florida), also said in an interview with the TV company that State Department employees arrived at the crash site, who are finding out how many foreigners are among the victims, as well as where they are from. The senator pointed out that the US Foreign Ministry is working to speed up the process of issuing visas to relatives of victims living abroad. A senior adviser to US President Cedric Richmond also told the TV Company that the federal government will do everything possible to assist.

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  1. Why was the power not turned off?. Were the fires started by lightning and why not erect lightening arresters on buildings a higher than 4 stories. Were there any transfer girders anywhere in the first section that collapsed.


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