Mortal Kombat star Lewis Tan was desperate to be cast as Shang-Chi in the MCU

After Shatterstar’s portrayal in Deadpool II, Mortal Kombat’s main star, Lewis Tan, seriously claimed the lead in Marvel Studios’ blockbuster “Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”. As a result, Sima Liu got part of the martial arts master of the same name, and after this failure, Tang had an extremely unpleasant aftertaste. Still, the universe quickly corrected the situation, giving him, as compensation, the opportunity to play Cole Young in the film adaptation of the cult fighting game. Tang shared his revelations with Entertainment Tonight:

“I missed an incredible chance – a job in the top league. I learned this news while on the plane on my way to Japan. I remember that I was practically devastated. After completing a meditation course, I came back and then drove to Nashville, Tennessee, where I was supposed to race NASCAR. For some reason, the thought occurred to me: “Perhaps I am the first Asian who has ever been here.” After that, they suddenly called me and said that I had gotten a role in Mortal Kombat. That day I was supposed to get behind the wheel, but in the end, I changed my mind because I had a great opportunity, and I decided not to risk myself.”

Lewis Tan

You can see Tana in action today – “Mortal Kombat” has already been released in Russia. As for the Marvel action movie, the movie comic’s release was recently pushed back from summer to September 2.

Author: John Kessler
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