More than a dozen works by Salvador Dali were stolen directly from the gallery

Unknown people broke into the Couleur gallery in Stockholm. In their Audi, they took away more than 10 sculptures and engravings by the artist Salvador Dali. Each of them costs tens of thousands of euros.
On the morning of January 30, an alarm went off in the galley. Its owner, Peder Enström, added that an exhibition of Dali’s work was due to end on Saturday. They were brought from Switzerland for 10 days.
There were two kidnappers. They took about 10-12 sculptures and paintings by Salvador Dali out of the building, loaded them into a car and left.
According to Enstrom, the cost of each work varies from 19 to 47 thousand euros. The total cost of the stolen works was about 380 thousand euros.
“They smashed the door, entered the gallery, and then took the sculptures,” the owner of Couleur told.
The police are already looking for suspects.

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