More than 85 million people in the world have been infected with coronavirus

According to the Johns Hopkins University, died in 1 841 077 people.

The number of detected cases of coronavirus infection in the world exceeded 85 million on Monday. This is evidenced by the American Johns Hopkins University data, which conducts calculations based on information from international organizations, federal and local authorities.

According to the University, the number of infected people in the world now is 85 059 632, died in 1 841 077 people, recovered 47 777 565 infected. The highest number of infections – 20 577 177 – identified in the United States. A total of 351,426 infected people died in the United States. The second-highest number of infections is India, with 10 323 965 revealed 149 cases and 435 deaths. It is followed by Brazil, where 7,716,405 citizens were infected, of which 196,018 died.

Russia, according to Johns Hopkins University, ranks fourth in the number of recorded cases of infection. According to the federal operational headquarters for the fight against coronavirus, 3,236,787 cases of infection were registered in Russia, 2,618,882 people recovered, and 58,506 died.

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