More than 740 thousand cases of coronavirus infection detected in the world per day

According to the WHO, the most confirmed cases of infection were registered in the United States.

The number of confirmed infection cases with the new coronavirus in the world exceeded 83.32 million, increasing by more than 740 thousand in 24 hours. According to data published on Sunday by the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of deaths increased by more than 12.5 thousand, exceeding 1.83 million.

As of 3 Jan, WHO has received information about 83 322 449 1 831 infected and 412 deaths, the number of infected people increased by 740,221, deaths-by 12,502.

WHO statistics take into account only officially confirmed information on cases of infection and death provided by States.

More than 64% of infections reported to WHO in the past 24 hours are in the Americas (477,794), followed by Europe (165,584) and South-East Asia (27,828).

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