More than 700 students detained during school protests in France

Thousands of schoolchildren across France protested against the ongoing reform of secondary education. Due to the demonstrations, the work of almost 280 educational institutions was disrupted, 45 of them were blocked, reports DW.

More than 700 students detained during school protests in France

In France, on Thursday, December 6, there were school protests against the ongoing reform of secondary education. More than 700 students were detained during the actions, AFP Agency reports.

Almost 280 educational institutions were disrupted due to demonstrations, 45 of them were blocked. Thousands students of high school across the country took part in the protests. They are opposed to stricter selection criteria for applicants and the possible reduction of teachers. In many cities, demonstrations escalated into riots and resulted in violence.

Mass protests of the “yellow vests»

Since mid-November in France, demonstrations have not subsided. The most popular were the protests of “yellow vests”, which oppose the increase in fuel prices. So, on 17 November, the protests were attended by about 300 thousand people while two died, several hundred were injured.
“Yellow vests” are preparing to hold another action in Paris on Saturday, December 8. Due to fears of possible unrest on this day, the Eiffel tower will be closed to visitors, as well as numerous Metropolitan museums, including the Louvre and Orsay. The authorities intend to mobilize almost 90 thousand police officers across the country to avoid riots. According to polls, more than 70 percent of the French sympathize with protesters.

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