More than 50 people were injured in clashes with police in Barcelona

In Barcelona, 51 people were injured in clashes between protesters and police. It is reported by Twitter ambulance service of Catalonia.

As a result of clashes, in particular, 30 law enforcement officers of Mossos d’Esquadra were injured. Most of the injuries are injuries sustained in clashes in the three main streets of the city, where demonstrations take place.

Supporters of the independence of Catalonia in the morning Friday began protests against the government of Spain. The meetings are connected with the weekly meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Kingdom, with the participation of the head of the Spanish Cabinet Pedro Sánchez.

Due to the referendum on the withdrawal of the region from the Kingdom and the proclamation of independence by the Parliament of Catalonia in October 2017, the interaction between Madrid and Barcelona almost stopped. The Central government has achieved a restriction of self-government of Catalonia and tried to normalize the situation in the autonomy. Now direct management of Madrid in the region is canceled.

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