More than 50 million Americans have already voted early

Experts predict that more than 150 million US citizens will participate in the presidential election this year.

More than 50 million Americans voted in the presidential election, an early voting expert said Friday. This is evidence that voter turnout in the current election, where Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden are competing for the presidency, can become a record.

According to Michael McDonald of the University of Florida election project, at least 51 million people voted in person or by mail 11 days before Election Day.

This is approximately 21% of all eligible American voters. About 137 million ballots were cast in the 2016 election. McDonald and other experts predict that this year this figure may exceed 150 million.

Many voters who voted early reduce the chances of trump changing the opinion of voters about himself before Election Day. Public opinion polls show him trailing Biden, both nationally and in several “swing” states, to determine the outcome of the election.

Researchers from the University of Washington’s Institute for health indicators and assessment have warned that by the end of February 2021, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic could kill more than half a million Americans. According to a study released Friday, an estimated 130,000 lives could be saved if all Americans wore masks.

Biden, 77, is scheduled to speak in Delaware on Friday to discuss his plans to contain the coronavirus pandemic. Biden believes that Trump chose the wrong strategy to fight the virus and that he himself will listen to health authorities and scientists’ advice, with whom Trump often feuds. Trump defends his decisions in dealing with the health care crisis, saying the worst is over.
Trump himself plans to vote in person in Florida on Saturday, the White House said.

On Friday morning, US Vice President Mike Pence and second lady Karen Pence voted early. The Pence family visited a polling station in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Democratic candidate is still ahead of the Republican by 5 million votes. However, the difference between them has narrowed in recent days, according to the analytical company TargetSmart, which works for the Democratic Party. Democratic analysts say they are happy with the numbers but warn that they expect a surge in the Republican vote on Election Day.

Republican strategists believe that high personal voter turnout in Florida, North Carolina, and Iowa gives them hope that trump can win these States again in 2020.

“It’s really very difficult to compare with anything,” Democratic strategist Steve Sheil told reporters, “it all started in 2016.”

Americans can wait for the official election results to be announced for several days or even weeks since counting will be difficult with millions of ballots sent by mail.

According to Michael McDonald, in Texas, a traditionally Republican state that is gradually moving into the category of wavering, turnout has already reached 71 percent of the number of voters who voted here in 2016. Turnout reached 50 percent in three southern swing States: Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida.

A Reuters / Ipsos poll conducted this week in Florida showed Biden marginally ahead of Trump here. A week earlier, the candidates ‘ chances in this state were roughly equal.

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