More than 470 grind dolphins washed ashore in Australia

A large-scale operation was launched in Australia to rescue several hundred black dolphins (grind). Already more than 470 animals have washed ashore in the town of Countries in western Tasmania, according to the BBC.

Almost all of the thrown animals are dead, so the grind, which was found on September 21, on Monday, will be rescued. Police and volunteers joined the large-scale operation. With the help of boats, they try to move the dolphins to the depths. The operation may take several days. Experts fear the animals won’t be able to last that long.

The rescue operation involves about 60 people – volunteers, police officers, representatives of local fish farms, as well as employees of the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service.

The operation is expected to take several more days. Dead carcasses will have to be removed from the beach, rescuers say. The death toll of the grind is already approaching three hundred.

What caused this incident is not yet clear. Black dolphins are often thrown onto the shoals off the coast of Australia and New Zealand, where they migrate. But, according to biologists, the current situation is an anti-record for Tasmania. There are several reasons for this behavior – in particular, the leaders of the packs go astray.