More than $ 35 million did not reach Ukraine

The Pentagon promises that Ukraine will receive this money “within the next few weeks.”

More than $ 35 million of the nearly $ 400 million allocated by the United States for military assistance to Ukraine did not reach the former Soviet Republic.

It is reported by the Los Angeles Times newspaper, citing documents of the Pentagon that appeared in its possession.

According to the newspaper, the documents show that the US accounts of the total amount of military assistance that was allocated to Ukraine, there were 35.2 million dollars.
According to the newspaper, these funds were to go to the purchase of weapons, including grenade launchers, communications, as well as to equip combat ships of the Ukrainian Navy.
Pentagon spokeswoman Carla Gleeson confirmed to the newspaper that the United States has yet to transfer about $ 36 million to Ukraine.

However, the spokeswoman declined to give a reason why the funds had not yet been sent to Kyiv, promising that Ukraine would receive the money “within the next few weeks.”

According to the newspaper, members of the US Congress are aware of the situation and demand an explanation from the Ministry of defense.

As recalled by the Los Angeles Times, in the 2019 fiscal year, Washington had to allocate Kyiv at least $ 250 million through the Pentagon and 141 million through the state Department.

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