More than 200 million people will have to leave their homes before 2050

Reduced agricultural production, water scarcity and rising sea levels will cause nearly 216 million people to leave their homes and migrate by 2050. This was reported by the Agence France-Presse with reference to the data of the World Bank.

The World Bank has published a report in which experts have estimated the potential losses from rising global temperatures.

“Climate change is becoming an increasingly powerful driver of migration,” the report says. The scarcity of food and water, along with rising sea levels, underscore the need to act now, “as people’s livelihoods and well-being are increasingly precarious.”

“Without decisive action, there could be climate migration hotspots over the next decade,” warns Jürgen Voegele, World Bank Vice President for Sustainable Development. By 2050, people will leave places that can no longer provide them with resources and travel to other areas.

At the same time, Fogele notes that “if countries now begin to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, close development gaps, restore vital ecosystems and help people adapt, internal climate migration will be reduced by 80% – to 44 million people by 2050”.

According to the report, due to climate change, the number of migrants by 2050 will grow to 86 million in sub-Saharan Africa, 49 million in East Asia and the Pacific, 40 million in South Asia, 19 million in North Africa, 17 million in Latin America and 5 million in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

The report focuses on water access issues in North Africa. For example, the city of Alexandria in Egypt and the eastern and western parts of the Nile Delta “could become hot spots for emigration due to reduced water availability and rising sea levels.” At the same time, the capitals of the countries of the region will become “climate centers of migration”.

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