More than 10 thousand “yellow vests” came to the protests in France

The number of participants in the demonstrations of the movement “yellow vests” in France by the middle of the day was 10.2 thousand people, including 3 thousand people took to the streets of Paris. It is reported on Saturday by the BFM channel, citing data from the interior Ministry.

The Department notes that these data are relevant at 14.00 local time. Last Saturday at the same time, law enforcement officers counted 4 thousand people in Paris, and the country’s figures amounted to 12.1 thousand demonstrators.

Now the big group of “yellow vests” stopped on the square in front of the house of disabled people where aggressive participants of a protest started throwing bottles and stones of guards, accompanying the actions with anti-police slogans.

The police in response fired tear gas grenades, and although the wind was blowing in the side of the police cordon, the demonstrators were able to push back from the seafront due to the large number of grenades. Later, the “vests” continued the movement on the quay d’Orsay.

Meanwhile, according to the observations of the TASS correspondent, while the demonstrators were walking through the streets of the city, there were episodes when the rioters were stopped by the participants of the procession themselves. So, not far from the Pantheon, when one young man with a closed scarf face separated from the bulk of the protesters and tried to break the window of a nearby restaurant chain McDonald’s, a few other “yellow vests” ran up to him and quite rudely dragged him aside. In General, compared to last Saturday, the damage to the city was much less during the March.

In other cities, people also take part in Saturday rallies. However, if in Bordeaux and Lille demonstrations were held in a peaceful manner, in Marseille and Toulouse guards had to resort to gas grenades.

Author: Flyn Braun
Graduated from Cambridge University. Previously, he worked in various diferent news media. Currently, it is a columnist of the us news section in the Free News editors.
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