More details of the Joss Whedon and “Justice League” scandal revealed

In the near future, Zach Snyder plans to complete a number of scenes for his director’s cut of Justice League. It is assumed that in some of them he will need Ray Fisher as Cyborg. Because of what problems can arise.

Fischer’s war with Warner Bros. continues. Although the scandal has been going on for several months, no one knows the specifics of what events are hidden behind the words about “Whedon’s unprofessionalism and violence.” The Hollywood Reporter reports that they were able to chat with the man who was present on the set of Justice League from start to finish. He says that Whedon, directed after Snyder’s departure in May 2017 and knowing no one would move the November premiere, was forced to film and post production under time pressure and pressure.

At the same time, the source claims that although Whedon had a difficult relationship with the actors, he did not witness physical or psychological abuse on the set. But Whedon’s style of work was very different from that of Snyder. If the latter gravitated towards collective decision-making, then Whedon preferred to work alone.

Fischer has recently been in talks with Warner Bros. the episodic role of Cyborg in The Flash, which will be filmed next year. All the same unnamed THR sources report that the studio has raised the actor’s fee, while cutting the role to three appearances in the frame. Fischer demanded to double the fee, after which negotiations stalled. And for several weeks they have been in a frozen state.