Mitsubishi is preparing an electric car for less than $18,000

Today, the strongest pressure on the electric vehicle market is from Chinese manufacturers, who charge less than $ 5,000 for the simplest electric cars with basic functions. For Japanese manufacturers, whose gasoline cars dominate the markets of Southeast Asia, this is a serious challenge. In the not too distant future, the Japanese will have to take a hit in the new energy transport world. Mitsubishi is preparing for this by cutting prices for electric cars below $18,000.

Mitsubishi’s new electric vehicles will arrive at a discounted price in 2023. In particular, such electric cars will be produced by the company’s new plant under construction in Thailand. Thanks to the reduction in the cost of the main components of electric vehicles – batteries – the price of new Mitsubishi electric cars in this country will be only $3,000 more expensive than Mitsubishi models with internal combustion engines.

Lowering the cost of battery packs will help the manufacturer reduce the price difference between battery cars and ICE cars from today’s 1.3 million yen ($11,730) to 900,000 yen ($8,123), and conventional government subsidies for electric vehicles will further erode the difference.

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