Miranda Kerr published a photo with her husband

Model and entrepreneur Miranda Kerr posted a joint photo with her husband Evan Spiegel on her Instagram account. In the photo, the couple is smiling against the background of a decorated Christmas tree, and with the help of effects, they have been added a cute blush.

“Happy holidays from our family and wish you happiness in the New Year,” Kerr writes.

Fans highly appreciated the photo. The fact is that the model practically does not show her spouse on social networks: the last joint picture was in the spring of this year. Under the photo, subscribers wish the couple happiness, the successful new year 2021 and love.

Miranda Kerr married Evan Spiegel in 2017 after two years of relationship. Spiegel is a billionaire and creator of the Snapchat service. In 2018, the couple had a son, Hart Kerr Spiegel, who was named after Evan’s grandfather, and a year later, in the fall of 2019, the couple had a second joint child, Miles.

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