Millie Bobby Brown talks about Henry Cavill’s “superpowers” on the set of Enola Holmes

The brother’s Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes are usually portrayed as serious gentlemen. But the performers of their roles in the new Netflix project “Enola Holmes” by Henry Cavill and Sam Claflin cannot be called that. Actress Millie Bobby Brown, who plays their sister, after whom the series is named, told ABC’s Good Morning America that the atmosphere on set was quite fun.

And she was very impressed by the talents of her on-screen “brothers”:

My God, everyone tried to have a light and cheerful atmosphere on the set. Everyone knows that Mycroft is a traditionalist who is always serious. But not that Sam Claflin, he is a very funny person. It is difficult to keep a calm face with him. And what Henry Cavill can do very well is that as soon as he hears the command “Motor!”, He immediately stops laughing and starts working. Whereas I have to leave the set to calm down and get ready for work. That’s why I realize that I’m still sixteen.

The actress admitted to reporters that she was impressed by Cavill’s talent to instantly get involved in work and hopes to learn this “superpower” herself.