Miley Cyrus spoke about her alcohol addiction

American singer, songwriter and actress Miley Cyrus spoke about her journey to sobriety. The 28-year-old star gave an interview on the daily Apple Music program, where she admitted that she has been trying to move away from the last spree for two weeks. The celebrity has been to revelry parties before, where she did not deny herself alcohol. Still, for the last six months, Cyrus kept herself in control, striving to maintain a sober lifestyle.

The impetus for the breakdown, according to the singer, was a pandemic. Because of the stress about this, Miley slipped down, began to abuse alcohol again. She said to herself: “Don’t be angry with yourself, but find out what happened? Why did this happen?”. The girl does not believe that everyone around should be teetotal, but everyone should do what is best for themselves. As Miley notes, she has no problem drinking, but she has difficulty making decisions about it.

“I am very disciplined; it’s quite easy for me to be sober when there just comes a moment when I don’t want to do it,” said the star. Cyrus decided to lead a sober life for herself, even when she was 27 years old. She decided to take up her life and sober up, but there were difficulties when the environment incorrectly perceived this desire. As the singer admits, they pressed on her, hinting that she was young, but not cheerful: “But I don’t want to wake up drunk. I want to wake up ready for something new! “

Author: Sam Smith
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