Miley Cyrus responded to Cher’s harsh criticism

In 2013, Miley Cyrus shocked the whole world with her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards – with Robin Thicke, vulgar dances and constantly sticking out her tongue. The epic performance made Cher disappointed in her young colleague, which she did not hesitate to declare publicly:

“She cannot dance, her body looked terrible, the song was not very good … And, chick, do not stick your tongue out if there is a plaque on it”.

Cher’s reaction did not upset Miley: on the contrary, she considered the criticism to be a real recognition.

“A lot of people have said bad things about my tracks and what I do,” Cyrus said in a recent conversation with Billy Idol on SiriusXM Radio. – Cher followed me on Twitter, but that’s when I realized I was successful. I thought, “Oh, Cher doesn’t give a damn about me.”

“She was angry about me constantly sticking out my tongue and all that. But I thought, “Hey, I made Cher angry. I really did it!” When all these legends, icons, all these artists, whom we look at with respect, hate us – it’s still a compliment! “” – added the 28-year-old pop star.

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