Miley Cyrus provoked rumors of a conflict with her ex-boyfriend

In August, Miley Cyrus broke up with musician Cody Simpson, whom she dated for about ten months. The stars did not comment on their breakup, but Miley’s fans were confident that she remained on good terms with her ex.

Recently, however, the singer’s fans noticed that she unfollowed Cody on Instagram. After a while, Simpson also unsubscribed from her. Users suspect that the relationship between former lovers is not easy.

After breaking up with Cody, Miley talks a lot about independence, and in a recent interview on a talk show, Skavlan explained that she is considered unemotional and cold because she “doesn’t cry and goes ahead.”

“If you ask the guys I broke up with, they’ll say I’m getting less and less emotional. And it seems to be the opposite. I would say that women who go forward are often considered cold. Over the past couple of years, I have experienced several upheavals. But I didn’t cry over it. Not because I’m cold or trying to avoid emotions, but because it wouldn’t change anything. I heal on the move – travelling, meeting new people. When one person leaves your life, another comes, ” the singer said.

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