Miley Cyrus helps fans get married with a comment on TikTok

Although Miley Cyrus failed to save her marriage, she still believes in the union of two lovers and supports fans who want to get married.

The couple recently posted a video on TikTok and said they would get married if Miley Cyrus herself left a comment under their post. In the video, a guy and a girl dance to a new song by the singer Plastic Hearts. To the surprise of the lovers, Miley saw this video and left her comment.

“I hope you two will succeed, unlike me. Congratulations, ”the star wrote and accompanied the message with an emoji in the form of a wedding ring, a skull and a black heart.

The topic of marriage and personal life again became relevant to Miley. She recently broke up with her boyfriend Cody Simpson and immersed herself in creativity, focusing on freedom from relationships. In the new songs, the singer talks about how difficult it is with her and calls her past relationship a prison sentence. At the same time, Cyrus often began to think about her marriage to Liam Hemsworth. In a recent interview, she stated that she loves him and will always love him. At the same time, in the songs of the new album dedicated to Liam, Miley declares that she does not miss him.

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