Miley Cyrus confessed her sympathy for Harry Styles

The 28-year-old pop star appeared on Heart FM radio and played the famous game “Who do you prefer”. Miley Cyrus was asked whom she would rather kiss – with Justin Bieber or Harry Styles, and the singer chose the second option without hesitation.

“I’ve known Justin Bieber for too long, he’s like a family. But Harry Styles – he really looks good, – shared Miley. – And we have a very similar taste. The same wardrobe, the same life – that makes sense. “

The host of the show assured Cyrus that he could set her up with Styles, but the performer only joked: “Lately everyone is trying to be my Cupid!”

In the summer, Miley broke up with Australian musician. As it was recently revealed, professional swimmer Cody Simpson, and in 2019 she divorced actor Liam Hemsworth, with whom she was in a relationship for about ten years.

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